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"Devon is the perfect breeding ground for creative individuals and we find our inspiration not only comes from the beautiful devonshire countryside but also all the incredible makers from any discipline of the arts and crafts we are lucky to be surrounded by. This alone helps us to create beautiful pieces of unique jewellery."

AlexandraFlynn represents the names of each founder; Charlotte "Alexandra" Green and Ivan "Flynn" Hay. Based in the South West of England, Charlotte has been designing and making jewellery for over 5 years, 2 of which were alongside her mentor, Devon based Jeweller, Kate Higham. Charlotte holds a BA(hons) in Jewellery and Silverversmithing from Plymouth College of Art, whilst Ivan is a self taught jeweller with over 7 years experience, specialising in freeform stone setting. 

The jewellery itself is inspired by the rugged coastlines and beautiful surroundings of the devon coastline as well as their travels around the world, including beautiful opals bought in Lightning Ridge Australia.  


All Jewellery is made using precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver Gilt (High Carat Gold that is plated around Sterling Silver). 

Bespoke Jewellery

How To Create Your Bespoke Piece Of Jewellery

Whether it is a beautiful silver, gold bespoke ring for that special someone or having something that is just extra special to you, we will always try our best to create that perfect piece of handmade jewellery! 

HOW IT WORKS.........

Generally speaking, coming to the studio and shop based in the heart of Dartmouth, Devon is the best idea although if this is not an option it is also not a problem! First things first, what it is you would like to commission?

Sometimes a good way to get an idea of what it is you are looking for is to look at images of anything you like online, Whether this is from our website or anything else, it helps give a sense of what kind of style and work would be suitable. It is also a good starting point if your not sure what it is you are looking for. 

From this point we can either talk via email, phone or in the studio and come up with afew designs until we get the right one for you and then send an estimate with NO OBLIGATION TO GO AHEAD. Last thing we want is for you to feel like your not sure, but feel pressured to carry on.

Along the way, you may recieve emails from time to time just to let you know how it's going and make sure you are happy with the progress. 

If you are after a ring for a special someone, it is generally recommended getting their ring size...we have a handy little tool that if you can sneak on or off, will help give an idea of the ring size to make sure it fits perfectly first time :-).....(Although its not an issue if it is wrong, it can get sorted as well.) 

Maybe you have some pieces of jewellery that you dont wear, or you dont like but have a sentimental value? We can melt this down and create an entirely new piece for you, or it can go towards the cost of the new piece...whichever you feel is best suited to you.


1: Budget....its a good idea to set a rough guide of what you would like to spend, that way we can make sure its tailored around you.

2: Sizing....Whether this is a ring, a necklace or bracelet, its a good idea to make sure you know what length they might like, for example.....Do you wear chokers? Or do they like necklaces half way down over clothing? 

3: Timing: Is there a special date you are considering? Let us know and we will always do our best to try and get it done in time. Orders generally take between 3-4weeks, sometimes longer if there is something specific that needs to be resourced, such as precious stones, etc. 

4: Remodelling: If you wish to remodel jewellery or sell it to put towards your work, it will need to be seen before an accurate estimate can be given. It will need to be tested, checked for hallmarks and weighed.

5: Desposit: 50% upfront upon agreement to  undertake the work via paypal and 50% on collection...

For online orders: We will send an image of the work to see if you are happy and then the remaining 50% +£7.50 special delivery postage will be required before being sent out to you.


We will always do our absolute best to help you along the way so always feel free to contact us with any ideas/concerns. We are there for you, not the other way round.