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Designing and Making=Problem Solving!!

This is a design I have now been working on for some time. It looks simple enough.......a load of circular shapes and you just solder them together....well, its definately turned out to be a learning curve!

One massive piece of advice I could give you is make sure you learn from your mistakes! Whilst some designs turn out to go according to plan, others take trials and tribulations before you get them right, just like this troublemaker!!

Working out how to join a necklace or a bracelet for that matter is something that will test your patience but also give you a better understanding of how your connections work, for instance...

a) will my piece flip round? Do I actually want it to flip round?

b) how will it lie on the neck? Do I need to make certain bits stronger or does it need to be joined closer to the top or central on each piece?

c) If I make the necklace the way I designed, will it end up being subject to neck size or will it move freely enough to fit on anyones neck shape?

d) How shall I connect each piece together? Do I need to rivet, use jumphoops or use tube? How will each connection affect my design?

e) Should I make an extension on the back?

It sounds like afew silly questions but its actually worthwhile sitting and really thinking about it. This took three attempts before I managed to get it to lie the way I wanted. I started with jumphoops, then to rivets and then connecting it with small pieces of tube.

And always remember to have patience!! Im learning everytime I make a new piece. Nothing ever tends to be completely simple, but always worth it! :-)

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