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Working on multiple soldering points on one piece!!

So this is a new range I'm currently working on. Reflecting on the domed pieces and creating a unique style, its been a challenge to think of a way in which we could make this range better. So with lots of problem solving (wahey!) this is going to be a step forward with the domes and turning them into component pieces. The photos above show the process in which it has taken to turn these cool domes into a pendant that will slide through most chains! That way, youll be able to swap and change and add however many you like!


One thing Ive learnt is soldering silver can be messy...and also a total nightmare especially when you ruin all your solder lines through multiple soldering!!

Best things to do...

Always work through the solders starting with hard, medium, easy (and very easy if necessary). Also purchase a type of heat protector called tehnoflux...This protects your solder lines when doing multiple joins. You need to clean it off before putting into the pickling but is by far one of the best ways of protecting your work!! :-)

Now back to work! :-)

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