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STACKING RINGS! Beautiful weather and unlikely visitors!

This week its been all about getting myself geared up towards christmas! (Ahhhhhhh! I know its that time of year already!) This means coming up with designs that are going to look ace in silver AND gold as well as a lot of hard work! So I decided to go for some little stacking rings with my beautiful butterflies and flowers :-) .I wil be making ALOT more in different styles! Maybe some double layered flowers and pretty stones! Theres lots more to come :-)......

In other news, I have some exciting projects on the horizon, some remodelling and some wedding rings!! :-)

The weather has been super fab in dartmouth this week which means nice little walks along the harbour. The mascot got herself an ace little bed to relax and chill in the evenings....(i know she is a PAMPERED pooch but I love her! )

The shop got its first very unlikely visitor! At first it looked like Id been left a rather unpleasant present from a certain someone until it moved!!?! So this meant clearing the cupboard out and helping toad of toad hall find his way back to his own home..(plus I didnt fancy his chances with the local pooch!)

All in all its been a good week, except colds looming.......and looking forward to getting on with some more designs next week!! :-)

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