• Charlotte Green

Playing with software and 3d printing!! :-)

The fasination with 3d printing happened just over a year ago when researching about how 3d printers work at college. I got to experiment with industry software such as rhino and decided to purchase it. :-) And to say I love making jewellery, learning how to use rhino software has been amazing! The software is just fascinating and takes away limitations you could have from mulitple solder lines, or just not 100percent how its going to work....

The beauty of this type of printing also means even if you are going to handmade something from scratch, you can assess issues that you may or may not have without having to actually make a piece from precious metals and be able to show clients ideas in a physical form!

Ive had so much fun playing around and really enjoy it...This is an idea so far...One square stone with trillion stones either side. I love it! But now I can examine where I feel I need to make changes etc etc...Its a fantastic procedre


#3dprinting #jewellerymaking #newtechnology #contemporarydesign

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