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Beautiful walks, smelly colds and rock n gem shows!!!! (gasp!!!)

So, this week has been a far from productive week, I must confess! It began with a stinky horribe cold and ended in a terrible chesty cough!!! So whilst we had all good intentions to get work done, it just didnt seem to happen!

Today was the newton Abbot rock n gem show so we spent the morning looking at all the lovely shiny beads!!! Purchases were indeed made! And we have some serious gorgeous bits :-) ......

It was an expensive weekend to say the least but wil hopefully lead to a productive week next week. This weekend we also got to enjoy some of the rather lush weather we had here in the bay! Berry Head is a lovely place to take a walk, as well as preston beach. Little Mascot got to have a play around and a run.

So all in all....not the most productive blog post! But we are on the mend.......working on commissions next week, hopefully we will have a much more eventful week!!

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