• Charlotte Green

Remodelling Jewellery! :-)

Over the past four weeks I have been working on afew remodelled pieces of jewellery!

This lush ring was made up of the cliends old rings, with a diamond and afew rubies....

From old jewellery, the stones were all removed and the gold was cast into the shape of a band! From this, it is then sent off for hallmarking. Once returned it is time to finish tidying it up and setting the stones! We decided to add afew more stones to even out the ring, includnig some pretty yellow sapphires! The outcome was great!

The client was happy with the ring and I was happy to help! I'm obviously biased but I loved working on this commission and feel honoured to have been asked to remodel the jewellery into something someone will love! :-)


#remodelling #jewellerymaking #ruby #diamond #gold

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