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oooohhhhhh FAB RINGS!!!! and xmas!

So christmas is almost upon us!!! Its been the time of year when its go, go, go!!!

This week we finished some absolutely fabulous rings, which I must say I am thrilled with!

Our beautiful clients at Flossy and Jim HQ wanted two engagement rings (after all, why should just the woman recieve such a fab ring! ;-)....).

These were quite challenging for a number of reasons. Finding the most fabulous unique stone fo these two wonderful characters took some time and debating, but we came to the conclusion some stunning Mandarine Garnets that went KERPOW! were a must! And how beautiful are these rings!

Jims ring is made from 18ct yellow gold with a seriously huuuge garnet!

Flossy's ring is made from 18ct white gold. Whilst Flossy's is more contrasting and stands out in the white, Jim's blend of yellow gold and orange creates a feeling of warmth.

Needless to say, both rings are absolutey fabulous and our super AMAZING clients are so happy with their jewellery. Its been a delight to work with them!

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