• Charlotte Green

Softening the clamps on your vice!

This hobby vice comes in really useful for bespoke jewellery, or any jewellery for that matter. Whether you are stone setting, sawing or filing away, they always come in handy. Originally, this vice came with rubber grips. Rubber grips help to stop the vice jaws making marks on your masterpiece! But after a while those amazing rubber jaws you love so much start to disappear :-(...

Its actually quite difficult to find replacement rubber jaws so what I did really helped.

Instead of trying to find a replacement pair (which spent hours trawling through the internet!), we went one step further and made the jaws softer ourselves. Leather is great as its tough and pads the vice enough to stop marks going onto your work.

Cut two strips of leather, and evenly distributing the superglue on each piece, stick these either side of your vice and the top of the jaws.

And there you go!! No marks, a nice soft but hardwearing surface for your work :-)

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