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New work on the way......

I've been fairly quiet on the whole blog front lately! Its been busy with commissions, designing and also coming up with some new designs!!

I love working with colour, and trying to come up with designs and ways to create colour can be quite a challenge. So this week I have been experimenting with resin, also know as cold enamel. What did I learn? I LOVE IT!!!! It is a more modern take on silver jewellery and creates big bold colours in a unique way.

Resin has to be quite accurate when measuring out, afew messups were made along the way....too much hardener or resin is not a good idea! I chose to buy eye droppers to help make a precise measurement of the material.

The piece came out so much better than expected and I cant wait to make more pieces with this material......watch this space! :-)

#resinjewellery #jewellerymaking #silversmithing

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