• Charlotte Green

Happy New year!

New tools, new designs, and New Years resolutions! 

First of all, let’s say a happy new year!!! It’s 2018 and we’re now in the midst of New Years resolutions! One of them is to make a new blog post weekly to fill you lovely lot about the goings on in our business, new ideas and also some great jewellery advice! Something for everybody. 

New plans for the future....

With the help of the design trust “Dream plan do”, we’re making clear plans for the future involving our website and making lots of lovely new designs for this year, so make sure to watch this space! 

There will also be advice on lovely places in the south west to walk your adorable mascots, try new things and find inspiration.

New jewellery and Etsy...

Whilst we love our website and create lots of bespoke amazing pieces, we want to create something for everyone and this will become the Etsy pages new found purpose. Check it out for affordable and unique jewellery work that will be perfect for special presents. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and New Years! Here’s to 2018! X 

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