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First, let’s start by saying, that the summer is finally here! And what makes us excited about the summer? All the amazingly beautiful flowers and wildlife we get to see. It’s been a crazy year so far. Snow in February, then two weeks later in March! It’s been a rather strange, unpredictable year so far. 

We also filled you in on our plans for 2018, which we are still working on but starting to get somewhere!. New designs have been added to Etsy and NOTHS, which we plan to make the home of more affordable options, alongside some of our bespoke work.  

Some of the designs are so simple but extremely elegant. More gemstone work will be going live on the website this coming week, but there’s still a lot more to do! 

Remodelling has become more and more popular and we have had the pleasure of making some beautiful pieces of jewellery for people. Recently we made a gorgeous 9ct gold ring with diamonds and it’s a stunner. Whilst we’re working towards our goal, I thought why not show you some samples of some of the items to come? 

There’s more updates to follow, more places to see, but for now why don’t we all enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we have to come! 

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