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April Birthstone: Diamond

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

For April babies, their birthstone is a very sparkly gemstone, the diamond. Diamonds are a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, as well as other pieces of jewellery. It can carry a hefty price tag and has a rather controversial history, but with all our handmade jewellery, we use suppliers who are ethical with their approach to gemstones, especially diamonds.

Diamonds are perfect for wedding and engagement rings due to the nature of the stone properties. Not only are they incredibly sparkly, they are also very hardwearing. The Mohs scale is a format that is used to describe the hardness of a mineral, with 10 being the hardest. A diamond is a 10, the hardest mineral material around.

There are a number of factors for pricing this gemstone which we call the 4 c’s.

Colour: The absence of colour in the stone, this will be indicated by the letters D-Z, not always appearing obvious to the naked eye.

Clarity: This involves inclusions in the stone. Clarity is indicated by specific grades with vvs being the best grade. Again, inclusions can be almost or completely invisible to the naked eye.

Cut: The quality of the cut of the diamond to how well light Interacts with the diamond.

Carat: The carat weight of a stone. A carat is also shown by a point system of 100. For example, a quarter carat can be referred to as 0.25pt, half carat is seen as 0.50pt.

This is just a rough guide to understanding the complex nature of how diamonds are graded, if your interested in finding out more, you can read more from the GIA website: https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us

A stunning 9ct white gold band set with coloured diamonds. Handmade to order, perfect for a wedding or eternity band.
Bespoke Diamond Eternity Ring

Using Diamonds in our jewellery:

We make a lovely range of handmade engagement, wedding and eternity rings using hardwearing stones like Diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The modern flush set bands are perfect for these gemstones and are ideal for wearing everyday. This particular jewellery designs have been one of my favourites from the start. You can choose the colour of the diamond, from white/pink/yellow/green/blue and light brown. But not all diamonds have to go into our beautiful bespoke rings, we also use smaller stones in pendants and earrings, the choice is endless. More recently I made a beautiful gold flower pendant with a 3mm (10pt) light brown diamond and it is so pretty I kept one for myself!

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