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I have yet again been very quiet on the blog front a of late!! One day I will finally get to grips with all this social media and blogging!! I wanted to share a beautiful ring that I have recently done for a very lovely lady.

Made for her 60th birthday this ring originally started out as a mens signet ring but needed a new lease of life. This was a special commission and so needed a special stone. We discussed white diamonds, but decided for a sparkly but understated effect a light brown diamond would make a lovely addition to this ring. So I went to my very lovely gemstone people to help find that fabulous stone and it was AMAZING! A perfect stone for the perfect client.

When remodelling certain rings, we can use sand casting to create a replication of a model ring using the unwanted metals which is what we did. The setting is made by melting the rest of the gold into a piece of sheet and creating the setting. I designed the ring to make sure it sat nicely next to nother ring, whether it was engagement, eternity, etc.

The second Set of rings were made in a similar way but we also had some lovely rubies to add also. Creating ring with 2 stones was abit of a challenge at first, to try and come up with a design that wasn't a twisted shank and more original. In the end, it seemed like a really good idea to keep a similar shape to the old ring, just in a more modern way. The diamond was flush set into another remodelled band and made to sit nicely next to the 2 stone band.

These were 2 projects I felt very happy to be a part of, and the clients absolutely loved them! :-)

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