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Springtime, dog walks and new ideas!

It's been a longtime since our last post! But this year will bring new blog posts that not only share our love for jewellery, but the great place we live in! We will show you great places that we love or learn about for dog walking or just to enjoy and get inspiration.

The weather is now getting nicer and here in our devon jewellery studio, a spring clean is definitely in order! We have been working on new designs like this fabulous silver bracelet and thinking about finally using our amazing Australian opals. Its also a great time to try and finish designs before I start to crack on with new ones and leave the others behind. Springtime is great in Devon for inspiration, which does happen to put my brain on overload with ideas.

This week we have also had an honorary mascot who seems to have loved his walks across the countryside! As well as walking mascots, I got to see some amazing wildlife like this young buzzard just sat chilling in the tree enjoying the weather.

Just a few snippets of some of the great places you can walk in the Devon countryside. So for you holiday makers or even locals, heres some places to think about!

Primley Park Paignton: Nestled near paignton zoo, this walk is a little treasure. Bustling with amazing wildlife, from badgers to buzzards its a great place to walk your little mascots. Dog friendly all year round and not ever overly busy makes it a nice relaxing place to visit.

Avon Dam, near South Brent: This walk is also great for your mascots as they can walk in the grass/growth without getting their little paws too hot. Theres also places that even yourself and your furry friends can cool down in. Its perfect for inspiration for all your amazing ideas (like our handmade jewellery!) and take in the beautiful summer weather. Be aware, there are livestock roaming around sometimes, so always good to take some extra caution.

Hope's Nose: Torquay: This has been a favourite of mine for many years! Not only does the nose mean you can relax without thinking your mascots may run into a road (although maybe a cliff if they're at the top!) it is so peaceful and great for birdwatching. Sit and watch the sea, even take your sketchbook so you can take note of all the ideas that come to you. You can walk from the top to the bottom, walking along rugged cliffs and also grassy hills, take your picnic and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

As for the little handmade gemstone necklace, these colours are perfect for the spring/summer weather. This design is delicate, simple and will make sure you still look fabulous on your walks!

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