A different take on the original flower hooks, the earwires are approximately 20mm long, making them sit nicely lower down the ear. Perfect to show off if you have short hair or if you put it up. 
Available in:
Peridot: Green
Amethyst: Purple
Topaz: Blue
Citrine: Yellow
Pink Tourmaline

Peridot Floral Earwires

  • Whilst stud earrings are perfect for everyday, if you have short hair, or sometimes if you feel like something abit more fancy wouldn't it be nice to have a pair of dangly earrings? Well, that was the idea! Whilst normal hooks are great, I wanted to create these with something that would make the customer feel more safe in the knowledge they would not be that easy to lose. Safety earwires do just that, hooking around each other to secure themselves in place.